Research Projects
Rider Response Evaluation
For all those that participated in the Rider Response Evaluation in Bull Head City, AZ in March of 2009, please go to the Rider Response Evaluation website for result status updates. The Team is working very hard crunching numbers and working on data. Check the website for current developments on our rider research progress!
Projects at UMass
Current Ongoing Projects:
The Drivers in Work Zone and with Cell Phone (Simulator and Road Research) 
Sponsored by New England Coalition of DOTs
Search Behavior of Novice Drivers (Simulator and Road Research)
Sponsored by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Ice Sensing Technologies for the Tobin River Bridge
Sponsored by MassPort
Abilities of Parking Assist Technology as a Crash Avoidance Tool
Sponsored by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Volkswagon, and Nissan
Industry Related Organizations:
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Crash Safety Research Center (CSRC), LLC is known for its scientific research related to driver, rider and pedestrian response (human response to traffic). We have conducted research in our laboratory, in the field, on a driving simulator and in the form of case study research in an effort to learn more about how drivers’ responses change in various circumstances. 
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