Crash Safety Research Center provides consulting services in crash reconstruction related to analyzing driver response, conspicuity, recognition and other human factors. 
Since 1983, Dr. Muttart has consulted on thousands of motor vehicle accidents for both plaintiff and defense cases.  He has worked cases and lectured in 44 states and 7 countries. He has testified regarding issues in the following crash  related topics such as, but not limited to:
Human Factors influencing driver, rider and pedestrian response
Analysis of seat belt restraint system usage and application
Anthropometric traits of driver response in motor vehicle crashes
Perception reaction time (PRT)
Driver decision making 
Nighttime recognition 
Visual Attention
Vehicle avoidance issues
Bulb and lamp examinations
Visual conspicuity of hazards
Time and distance calculations
Area of impact determinations
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Crash Safety Research Center (CSRC), LLC is known for its scientific research related to driver, rider and pedestrian response (human response to traffic). We have conducted research in our laboratory, in the field, on a driving simulator and in the form of case study research in an effort to learn more about how drivers’ responses change in various circumstances. 
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